Procurement & Logistik Superintendent

Procurement & Logistik Superintendent

Lowongan Kerja Palembang, PT Bahtera Jaya Sukses has grown to be a reputable open-cut coal mining contractor in Indonesia since our foundation. We are a rapidly growing company, and our fleets have more than 100 operating units nationwide in 2012 already.

BJS is a privately owned company. With our management size, BJS is at a great competitive edge. We have faster turn-around time in making important decisions, thus creating lower cost for our operations while maximizing our productive time. The resulting efficiency would benefit our clients especially at the current time when coal selling price is low.

Our management team has gone through ups and downs in Indonesian economical situations since the early 1990s. We highly maintain our credentials to both the clients and our own workers throughout the years. BJS bases our work culture in innovative engineering approaches that challenge traditional practices to provide the best solutions for the clients.

BJS holds a strong principle in hiring qualified and passionate workers that would add to our company’s values. We believe that individual quality and high work discipline are the keys to our solid performance. With all of these, we have excelled to be one of the most established open-cut coal mining contractors in Indonesia and have received trust from our repeat clients. Welcome to PT Bahtera Jaya Sukses!

Job Desc :

  • Bertanggung jawab atas semua kelancaran kegiatan di di lingkup Procurement
  • Mengkoordinasikan semua Staff procurement di melaksanakan tugas sehari-hari
  • merancang laporan mengenai status pembelian material, daftar supplier, dan permasalahan yg dihadapi
  • Memonitoring/memastikan semua material yg dibeli sudah diterima oleh pihak warehouse
  • Bertanggung jawab kepada negosiasi di pembelian barang
  • Bertanggungjawab di semua aspek kegiatan pembelian setiap harinya
  • Bertanggung jawab kepada stok kesediaan barang setiap hari
  • Bertanggung jawab di mengatur pengiriman ke konsumen
  • Berkoordinasi dengan departemen lain untuk mengatur pengiriman
  • Mempersiapkan produk yg akan dikirim
  • merancang laporan rutin
  • siap bekerja Serupa dengan Team

Requirements :
  • Usia maksimal 28 Thn.
  • Pendidikan min S1 segala jurusan
  • Pengalaman kerja di bagian yg Serupa min 3 Thn
  • Memilikii analisa berfikir dan logika yg bagus.
  • Memilikii Heroisme kepemimpinan yg kuat dan berpengetahuan luas
  • Memilikii kemampuan berbicara yg bagus
  • Bisa bekerja sendiri ataupun dengan tips team
  • siap ditempatkan di Site Perusahaan (Sumatera Selatan)

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